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Nprinting Issue

Hello all,

My problem started when we upgraded to NP 17 Nov (from 16).

The issue:

User A have a filter on field X / model Q.

I schedule to user A two reports with the same connection (model: Q), first report related to field X but the second not.

The result is that user A receives the second report empty.

in NP 16 I would solve this by creating two users with the same Email (not possible in 17) one with a filter and the second without.

There is a way to solve it ?


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Mate - before you create a topic please use the brilliant feature of this community called: SEARCH.



I have answered this question probably 2 or 3 times already and others did so too - Correct andswers are in below links!!!

Please also note that when you address issue and you call it "NPrinitng Issue" like in your title you make it generic and extremly hard for all of us to know what is your question about and you make it difficult for others to use a search in Community.

Next time when you start a topic in community please provide a descriptive title like for example. " How to apply different user filters to different reports in NPrinting 17.X.X..."

Hard time understanding user filters Nprinting Feb 2018

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