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Nprinting - Limit PixelPerfect Chart to rolling scope of time


I am trying to limit the x axis on a PixelPerfect chart to a rolling 7 days. It currently brings in all observations. I've searched the community site on this and the Qlik Nprinting help, but have not found guidance. The preference is to do this at the chart level rather than a report filter though even at the report level I could not get the syntax to work. Appreciate your time.

Thank you

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Re: Nprinting - Limit PixelPerfect Chart to rolling scope of time

Just build a chart for it in QlikView or QlikSense where in your script you will include flag for rolling 7 days and then use this flag in QlikView/Sense object expression to limit data.

This way your chart will always show rolling 7 days regardles of your time selection.

It is better to do all data management in QlikView/Sense rather than in NPrinting.



cheers Lech
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