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Nprinting November 18 Installation

Hi All

I have installed nprinting server , which got installed successfully.

But My Qlik Nprinting Web engine and qlik nprinting scheduler service are getting stopped automatically after few secs.

I am getting below mntioned error in log files:


Unable to start WebEngine service. ERROR: System.InvalidOperationException: Found 0 certificates for RabbitMQ Certification Authority. Expected value is 1↓↓ at Qlik.NPrinting.RabbitMQCertificatesGenerator.RabbitMqCertificatesGenerator.GetRabbitMqCaPrivateKey() in C:\Jws\release-18.39.x-w104zyghT\server\NPrinting\src\RabbitMQCertificatesGenerator\RabbitMqCertificatesGenerator.cs:line 111↓↓ at Qlik.NPrinting.RabbitMQCertificatesGenerator.RabbitMqCertificatesGenerator.GenerateClientCertificate(String certUserName) in C:\Jws\release-18.39.x-w104zyghT\server\NPrinting\src\RabbitMQCertificatesGenerator\RabbitMqCertificatesGenerator.cs:line 85↓↓ at Qlik.NPrinting.RabbitMQCertificatesGenerator.RabbitMqCertificatesGenerator.RegenerateAndSaveClientCertificate(String certUserName) in C:\Jws\release-18.39.x-w104zyghT\server\NPrinting\src\RabbitMQCertificatesGenerator\RabbitMqCertificatesGenerator.cs:line 93↓↓ at Qlik.NPrinting.WebEngine.WebEngineServiceModule.Load(ContainerBuilder builder) in C:\Jws\release-18.39.x-w104zyghT\server\NPrinting\src\WebEngine\WebEngineServiceModule.cs:line 68↓↓ at Autofac.Module.Configure(IComponentRegistry componentRegistry)↓↓ at Autofac.ContainerBuilder.Build(IComponentRegistry componentRegistry, Boolean excludeDefaultModules)↓↓ at Autofac.ContainerBuilder.Build(ContainerBuildOptions options)↓↓ at Qlik.NPrinting.WebEngine.Starter.Start(String[] args) in C:\Jws\release-18.39.x-w104zyghT\server\NPrinting\src\WebEngine\Starter.cs:line 218↓↓ at Qlik.NPrinting.WebEngine.WebEngineWindowsService.Start(String[] args) in C:\Jws\release-18.39.x-w104zyghT\server\NPrinting\src\WebEngine\WebEngineWindowsService.cs:line 23
Qlik.NPrinting.WebEngine Qlik.NPrinting.WebEngine.WebEngineWindowsService 20190804T145800.572+05:30

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I think you missed the following step (from Qlik NPrinting official Release Notes):

Upgrade to November 2018 or newer
If you are upgrading to September 2019 Technical from September 2018 SR2 included or older version you

  1. Open port 4997 outbound on Qlik NPrinting Server and inbound on all Qlik NPrinting Engines
  2. Reinstall all your Qlik NPrinting Engines and providing a password for certificate exchange
  3. Open the Engine manager in the Web Console
  4. Open the detail page for each Engine and send the certificate after inserting the same password you used during the engines reinstallation

Qlik NPrinting Engines stay offline until the certificate exchange is performed. Older Engine versions cannot
connect to a Qlik NPrinting September 2019 Technical Server.

I suggest you to upgrade to latest version, June 2019, to benefit of all solved bugs.

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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