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Nprinting On demand report- Section Access


I am trying to export reports from the QVW using the on demand export (NP Report). Everything went fine using a QVW without section access. Now I am using a QVW with a simple section access (data reduction) and I am not being able to export the reports with the following error message on the queue button:

Specified recipient in on-demand request not found "UserName"

I already added the specified user on the Recipients on the designer but I still receiving the same error messege.

Does any one know how can I overcome this issue?


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Re: Nprinting On demand report- Section Access

You can refer this document for help.

Can I use Section Access with NPrinting?

It may help you with your issue.

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Re: Nprinting On demand report- Section Access

What is the service account that Nprinting is running as?

You should make sure that the document is published for that service account in addition to the specific users.

The Nprinting service account should also be a member of the QlikView Adminsitrators.

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Re: Nprinting On demand report- Section Access


Thank you for your tips, it will be helpful.

Seems that the problem was with the designer. I thought that when we are configuring the recipients, the User ID was the one that had to be the same as the userid in the QVW. Instead Ive changed the Name field for the exact name that is in the QVW and it work.


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