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Creator III
Creator III

Nprinting - Powerpoint output

Hi Guys,

I am using the PowerPoint template to show the Qlikview data. I have a table which contains approx 100 rows but when i try to add the table to the template, its spreading out. How to split the table so that it can be placed on multiple slides.

thanks for your help.



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Viresh -

We investigated this some time ago and found that it was a limitation of PowerPoint to be able to split rows of a table across multiple slides.

As a potential workaround, you can create a native PPT table inside the slides split so that each slide will display the desired amount of rows, and then drag and drop the cell values from the QlikView table into your report.

This is a bit tedious but I figured I would at least point out this possibility.

This tutorial shows how to do this in Excel, but the same can be done in PowerPoint: Selected QlikView Cell Values Used in Excel Reports

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You could also use the Page feature to split out results on different slides, but this will arbitrarily split the data according to the dimension you use.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Please, check the correct answer.

thank you

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Stephen,

you can also use Custom rows in table properties. Create the same table several times with different rows and put these into separate slides.

This means much less dragging and dropping.