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Nprinting Role Restriction

I've created a new role for a group of developers. Under this role, they can only access the apps that they created (but not the one not created by this role). But they can't view the app that they created unless I manually add the app to this role. Is there a setting where they can access the app that they created instead of me granting it every time they create a new app?

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As of now there is no settings to do what you are trying to do.

App is the highest entity in NPrinting repoitory hierarchy!

If you think about it - allowing someone create an NPrinting app is a big thing, as they are interfering with whole environment structure, so at the end if you allow someone to create an app you should think of such person in NPrinitng world as of an Admin.

As an admin you probably would like to have little bit more control over what is happening in NPrinting repository. I would suggest to reconsider your approach and maybe to create  apps, assigning in roles who can see which app and then allow people to play within them?




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I see... because currently we allow some of the developers to create their own app, but not accessing the whole server. But it is a bit troublesome if I need to add the app to their role every time they create an new app. (I'm thinking of something similar to the QlikView Document Admin where they can manage their own "folder" instead of the super admin doing the management for them)