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Nprinting - Selecting Objects


I have set up a connection to two different qvw's. When creating an excel report I right click on Tables on the left hand side and then select Add Object. However not all of the objects from my QV apps appear? Why is this?


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Hi Adam,

Click on Add Objects  to open the "Add Objects window"

In the top-right corner, you can see the "Connection" drop-down menu. You can click on that menu to choose the QVW NPrinting should import the object from. You can choose both of them, but by default NPrinting is showing only the objects from the first QVW.

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Yes I have already selected the QVW I wish to use. However, even then not all of the tables/charts in that QVW are available in my object list...

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There are some objects which you will not be able to use in NPrinting reports.

Extension objects and objects within containers which are within containers for instance will not be visible.


Make sure that all sheets and objects are visible in the QVW.

Once you made them visible:

- Generate the object list again (open the NPrinting project, click on Sources, open the connection(s) and click on Refresh Object List).

- Try to add the objects into the template again.

- Now you can hide sheets/objects again in the QVW.

Let me know if it works.


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Hi Aran,

Thanks a lot. This is why my objects were not showing as we have containers within containers.