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Nprinting Service log file is constantly updated

I have the same problem as the one mentioned here https://community.qlik.com/thread/198635

Through NP_SRV log file I see one of my nsq files is being loaded constantly. I tried to remove it from Nprinting Server and add it again but I had no luck.

Nsq file works flawlessly anyway because it is triggered by a qlikview server task, but a log file of 45MB full of useless information is very annoying.

Service02/11/201617:47:22MessageScheduler started
Service02/11/201617:47:22MessageReloaded QlikView NPrinting files
Service02/11/201617:47:24MessageReloading QlikView NPrinting files
Service02/11/201617:47:24MessageScheduler stopped
Service02/11/201617:47:24MessageQlikView NPrinting file closed: D:\NPrinting_Project\DAILY_REPORT\Daily_Report.nsq
Service02/11/201617:47:24MessageQlikView NPrinting file opened: D:\NPrinting_Project\DAILY_REPORT\Daily_Report.nsq
Service02/11/201617:47:24MessageNo schedule reloaded
Service02/11/201617:47:24MessageQlikView NPrinting file loaded: D:\NPrinting_Project\DAILY_REPORT\Daily_Report.nsq

Service02/11/201617:47:24MessageScheduler started
Service02/11/201617:47:24MessageReloaded QlikView NPrinting files
Service02/11/201617:47:25MessageReloading QlikView NPrinting files
Service02/11/201617:47:25MessageScheduler stopped
Service02/11/201617:47:25MessageQlikView NPrinting file closed: D:\NPrinting_Project\DAILY_REPORT\Daily_Report.nsq
Service02/11/201617:47:25MessageQlikView NPrinting file opened: D:\NPrinting_Project\DAILY_REPORT\Daily_Report.nsq
Service02/11/201617:47:25MessageNo schedule reloaded
Service02/11/201617:47:25MessageQlikView NPrinting file loaded: D:\NPrinting_Project\DAILY_REPORT\Daily_Report.nsq
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Hi Francesco,

This could happen if you have NSQ's in your NPrinting Server files list that have tasks but no active schedules. So, add an active schedule to the NSQ that is causing the problem (Daily_Report.nsq).

Let us know if this helps.

- Daniel.


Hi Daniel,

thank you for your answer. Our nprinting files are not scheduled through nprinting server, they start after a succesfull reload of a qlikview server task. We don't use the schedule feature of nprintinng.

Besides we have other nsq files without schedules and they don't mess with the log. It's just that one.