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Nprinting - Text object string

Hi All, djk‌,

In Nprinting 

am taking one text box which have expression for top sale state and in my qvw application it showing me like below


but when i fetching this text object into printing it is showing me like this


Can you please tell me why this is happens in Nprinting Maharashtra name will gone

Please do the needful

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Re: Nprinting - Text object string

I have experienced this exact problem when trying to use a text box in Nprinting.   My work around was to create a formula in Nprinting that represents the value that you want to include in your report text box.  Do not bring the Text box across from Qlikview.  Just rebuild it in Nprinting template and include the formula. 

Here is the formula I built in Nprinting to display in my text box  ServiceRateLives.    I created a variable in Qlikview so all I have to do is display the result of the formula.  You can see the result of my formula is 3 Lives.  I even wrote the formula so that it would change from life or lives based on the result.

nprinting formula.PNG

I then create a new text box in my template and place my formula in the middle of the Text where I want it.

formula in text box.PNG

I am not sure why the formula is not maintained from the text box, but I did that sample preview error that you are showing.

Hope that helps!

Mike Czerwonky

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