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Nprinting can't find a supported template editor for the file.

Hello all,

        While trying to create a new Nprinting template I get this "Nprinting can't find a supported template editor for the file" error.

A quick search revealed that it is a registry issue and I did try the solution too(Workaround for MicroSoft Office 2013 error: "Cannot find a supported template editor" – Customer Fee...). However the registry keys provided there didn't help. I guess the problem is that I'm using an Office 2007 version and the registry fix seems to be for Office 2013 version. This happens for all MS office reports like Excel, Powerpoint etc...

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Re: Nprinting can't find a supported template editor for the file.

Cannot find a supported template editor

Please take the following steps to resolve the issue:

If it is a new installation of Office 2013, please ensure that you have installed a local copy of Office 2013 and that you are not trying to run via a virtualized version of Office 365.

To resolve this issue, see the steps in the tutorial below:


If you are using a version of Office Prior to Office 2013, please take the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Use the Office Repair Tool to repair your Office installation. Reboot and try again.

If this does not work, go to step 2.

2. a. Uninstall Office and uninstall the NPrinting Client (ensure that you save the license file prior to uninstalling) reboot the computer

2. b. Reinstall Office and then reinstall the NPrinting Client (reapply the NPrinting license file)

2. c. Reboot the computer and try to open a new NPrinting Template again.

Are you running Visio 2013 along with Office 2010 or Office 2013?

3. Some customers have experienced issue with this scenario on there systems. For resolution, see the steps below:

· uninstall Microsoft Visio 2013

· uninstall NPrinting

· run a repair on Microsoft Office

· reboot

· install NPrinting

· do NOT reinstall Visio 2013 (suggest reversion back to the 2010 version).

Note: If you also have MS Lync in this scenario, it may also be necessary to uninstall Microsoft Lync 2013. Then reinstall NPrinting last.

One of the the steps above should resolve the issue that you are experiencing.

If you continue to experience technical issues, please use the Qlik Support desk to report these issues.

Technical Product Support | Qlik

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