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Contributor II

Nprinting date range filter: from a fixed date to a dynamic date



I am trying to create a Nprinting filter which allows me to see PublishDate equal& greater than 6/13/2021 and equal& smaller than previous day.

So far I tried with Advanced Search

=([publish_date]>=date(44360, 'MM/DD/YYYY')*(Date(Today()-1)>=[publish_date])


=([publish_date]>=date('6/13/2021', 'mm/dd/yyyy')*(Date(Today()-1)>=[publish_date])

both returned nothing.



I tested both  '=date(44360, 'MM/DD/YYYY')'  and '=date('6/13/2021', 'mm/dd/yyyy')'  part with Evaluated value function, they are working fine. 


I use this frame to create dynamic date range filters a lot, it works. I assumed it's the fixed date part caused this issue.


Please advise, thank you in advance.


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Hi @Elyse


Can you recheck the steps described in the video contained in the following link?

If your expressions work in your Qlik Sense dashboard, then they should also work in NPrinting if they are formatted correctly theoretically.


Kind regards...




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Maybe have a read and make sure you know how your field is created in Qlik Sense - this is most important. Note that dates are usually duals and may have timestamp on them too..


once you go through that you may want to have a read about advanced search options:



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