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Re: Nprinting doesn't refresh the data

After upgrade it seems the issue is gone for good.


Re: Nprinting doesn't refresh the data

I agree, it does seem to be resolved.

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Re: Nprinting doesn't refresh the data


I am facing almost same issue in NPrinting Nov 2017, and I am using QlikSense App.

If I reload the Qlik Sense App, then do Reload the metadata in NPrinting for the connection, will the data be current?

Do I need to publish the QlikSense App every time it is reloaded?

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Re: Nprinting doesn't refresh the data

Hi Nazira,

Are you in full control of your setup (Qlik Sense and NPrinting)?

Understanding how it works is probably the most important thing. So i will give you short description what I usually do:

I build an app - say dashboard for executives in Qlik Sense...To do this i follow pat:

  • Create App in my work "stream" in Qlik Sense hub, add script and load data and build some visualisation
  • I create (or use one of the existing) stream and publish my app to this stream so executives can work on it (analyse, play with data etc)
  • In QMC i create a reload task for this app so its data get refreshed as frequently as it is required

Once my executives are happy they may want to get some data from it in PDF form on daily basis each morning.

In my world i duplicate my dashboard adjust it to all NPrinitng needs (usualy it is due to required formats or behaviour how the static report needs to look like, or how it needs to be filtered or adjusted, and also to make my source for nprinitng as small ass possible - because it will work faster then)

  • Once i am happy with it - i create a NPrinitng stream and i publish my app there
  • In QMC i create a task to refresh this app so data is always up-to date

After those steps are done i go to NPrinting and i create:

  • NPrinitng App
  • NPrinitng Connection to my app in NPrinitng stream
  • Build reports from this app

Based on this setup Qlik Sense data should be updated each time reload in QlikSense kicks in (it is controlled on QLik Sense side as i mentioned before). You should not have stale data. You are not required to refresh metadata unless you have created new UI objects in your QS document or have done some changes in data model

thats it

regarding your problem - i think your connection is pointing to an app which is not getting updated in Qlik Sense



cheers Lech
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