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Nprinting email content format issue

Hi All,

Am new to Qlik sense. I have created an Nprinting report where I have embedded tables using HTML, the preview and the attachment when opened in browser is coming perfectly. But in the email body, the embedded report formatting is misaligned. The view in the outlook is totally collapsed compared to view in the browser. Is there any way to fix it. 

Thanks in advance.

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When you start a new conversation, please add the label with the correct version of Qlik NPrinting you are using. The solution could depend on that version.

This is a common problem and it doesn't depend on Qlik NPrinting. Any different email client render HTML code differently so the same HTML code can be displayed in a different way on different email clients. There are online tools that let you to check how your HTML is rendered on different clients. Bades on that you can customize the HTML code in Qlik NPrinting so it will be rendered as you want.

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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totaly agree with @Ruggero_Piccoli 

this is not a NPrinting problem, but common developers dilemma when developing content which needs to be delivered to various mail clients. 

Usually such content needs to have inline styling and styles used need to be checked against compatibility with mail clients.

I suggest to start by validating your code in one of the common tools for example: https://www.htmlemailcheck.com/

Also note that you cannot rely on "Keep source format" being checked as the format applied should be enforced and known!


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