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Nprinting format not following QVW

Hey guys,

Do you have any ideas why the format is not the same in the nprinting reports as in QVW?  For example I use integers on numbers to get rid of decimals. But when I produce a report it has those decimals anyway. When I use expression total for example it looks good in the with another row at the bottom of the table with the totals. But when I run this through nprinting this total row doesnt show as an extra row instead it shows above the other lines therefor hiding one row.

Found all these smallb uggs in nprinting, is it something that is fixed in the new version? im running 16.3

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Re: Nprinting format not following QVW

In the template editor, when you add tables, make sure the "Keep Source Formats" check box is selected.  Or you can use the "Toolbar" to expand the MS Program properties and set the customized properties at the template level:


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Re: Nprinting format not following QVW

Thanks Carlos, but this box was checked already

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Re: Nprinting format not following QVW

I have the same issues with 16.3

in version 16.0 totals are correctly at the bottom where they should be, migration to 16.3 totals are on top and no way to get them to the bottom



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