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Contributor III
Contributor III

Nprinting freezes sporadically

Hi everyone,

In my company we're using Nprinting to handle all of our Qlikview reporting, on a Windows 2012 server.

Currently we have 12 NSQ files loaded in the Nprinting server, and probably ~20 reports in those files.

Most of the reports are scheduled to run every 10-20 minutes.

Recently I've started experiencing Nprinting freezing. For no particular reason Nprinting's scheduler stops working, though the service is still alive. The log isn't helpful - no indication for errors in there.

The only thing I see that might be related is in the windows events viewer -

DirectoryServiceConnector - Search aborted: no resources


During the times that Nprinting is ok, this problem doesn't appear.

Any idea if the things are related, and if so what can be done?

Thanks a lot,


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I have tried both methods of defining the Source Document, as in :

  • unc path
  • Open in server

And they both suffer from the random "freezes".

Do you have a preference as to which one to use ?

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If your both Nprinting and Qlikview server resources are good, I do not see a reason why it should freeze. Couple of things I would try

1) Copy Qlikview documents locally on Nprinting Server and map your nsq files to this path to see if it makes any difference.

2) Keep the Qlikview desktop instance running in front and see what is happening and at which point it is freezing.

I assume that you either have a standalone qlikview desktop license or leased named CAL on the nprinting Server.

If nothing works then I believe you may need to contact Vizubi(Sorry Qlik) for this.

1)     Even with a qvw stored locally on the NPrinting server I have seen it "freeze"

2)     When running the NPrinting as a Windows Service there is no "front" per se to run a QV Desktop

I am already ready in touch with the Partner who support NPrinting with us, who are in touch wiuth Vizubi.

Contributor III
Contributor III

I found out the problem - Qlikview has that innocent looking option of "close when finished" checkbox. If you uncheck it (say for debugging purposes), nprinting will never finish the document reload == Nprinting service will seem to be running, but will actually be stuck as no other tasks will be excecuted.

This is of course a misuse of QlikView by me, but I'd like to think that Nprinting would take this not-so-far-fetched scenario into consideration.

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Have you come up with a solution for this? I'm noticing the same thing. Set up on a different server than QlikView server, dedicated service account, etc. Freezes periodically without reason. At times runs completely fun, other times just hangs up. Server still running and QV.exe open under the service account, but no resource actions concurring. When killing QV.exe, it gives an error and starts the next task just fine.

So any word from support?

Contributor III
Contributor III

Does your QlikView doc reloads as part of the Nprinting task?

If so - did you make sure that the "close after reload finish" checkbox in checked?

That was my problem... sometimes I'd leave it out for debugging and it caused Nprinting to appear to be stuck during reload.