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Nprinting issue while exporting excel report

Getting some formating issues when we run excel export in nprinting sep 2017. Any work around for this please ?

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Re: Nprinting issue while exporting excel report

Going to need to be more specific. What kind of issues are you experiencing? Can you attach some screenshots?

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Re: Nprinting issue while exporting excel report

be specific mate:

  • what column?
  • what is an expression in column
  • does expression use num function
  • do you use default number formatting
  • do you use custom number formatting
  • do you use (keep source formatting in NPrinting template) - if so what is a source formatting
  • what do you get as an outcome?
  • how supposed the outcome to look like?
  • What NPrintng versio
  • Is it connected to QlikView
  • Is it connected to QlikSense
  • What are regional settings (country and number formatting etc) on QV server and NPrinting server

attach few screenshots, answer above questions and we can talk further



cheers Lech
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