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Nprinting not importing user or updating filters and groups if user already exists

Dear All,

I am using Nprinting version April 2019. 

When I import a new user, it successfully builds the user and adds them to a group and adds the filter to the user.

However, when I import  the same user for a different task, it does not build the relationship between User, Group and Filters. The new group and new filter are created but the user is not added to the group and the filter is not added to the user.

I do get a warning message:

Importing USER with name 'vijay' : skipped. The email 'vijay@xxxxxx.co.in' is already in use.

Is this a know issue or is there a setting change required ?

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The error indicates that you are attempting to import the same user twice (perhaps with different user filters for example).

Check your import file to ensure that it  does not have duplicate entries of the same user.

If you need different filters for NPrinting Recipients, then you will need to create multiple NPrinting users/recipients and apply different email addresses for each user. Email address must be a unique field. (These entries do not have to be valid as they are inserted into NPrinting security).


See the following link, section Import User Task


Make sure that the Import task settings are check as needed. See point 10:

Hope this helps...

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