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Nprinting on demand error

I am getting an error whenever I am trying to run the Nprinting on demand service. Could someone help me out here.

Below is the screenshot


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Re: Nprinting on demand error

when you configure your 'PDF' button, you specify the machine where the NPrinting service resides?  Can you validate?

are you encountering this on AccessPoint or during your test in development mode?


Re: Nprinting on demand error


The path to the NSQ is not reachable because you must configure the full path in the On Demand Object.

Also, you need to use the NP server name in the On Demand object.


How to Use NPrinting On Demand Extensions in QlikView Documents

NPrinting On-Demand: Supported Environments

Further, you must ensure that ports 9000, 9001 are not block anywhere on your network or on the NPrinting server.

If another application is using ports 9000, 9001 this will also prevent on demand from working normally.

Finally, you NPrinting server service which OD relies must be configured 100 percent accurately.

Troubleshooting: NPrinting Server Service and Schedules

If you continue to experience issues, please submit a support request to the Qlik Support desk.

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