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Nprinting output as data in horizontal pivot table.

Hi All,

Can anyone guide me with the following issue we are facing with Nprinting.

We use a Pivot table with range sum(cumulative value), now we want to use that chart in NPrinting.

The chart comes fine as image but we want it in excel data instead of image.

NPrinting allows to convert the Pivor table into data using vertical table instead of horizontal pivot table.

Kindly let us know the workaround to bring the data as horizontal pivot table using Nprinting.

Version of Nprinting: 17.2.

Qlik Sense: Sept 2017

Thanking you in advance.



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Re: Nprinting output as data in horizontal pivot table.

Hi Vishal,

NPrinting does not support Qlik Sense pivot charts as tables in excel report template.

I use a straight table with some set analysis as a workaround when using pivot like tables.

sum({$<Answer = {'Answer1'}>} ValueToSumField)

Thanks Darrell

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Re: Nprinting output as data in horizontal pivot table.


In Qlik NPrinting you can create Excel pivot tables in two ways:

- http://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/November2017/Content/ExcelReports/HowCreateExcelPivotTableRepor...

- Creating pivot table using Excel table columns ‒ Qlik NPrinting I suggest to use this second way

Based on the picture you posted I suppose the result you want to obtain is supported by Qlik NPrinting. You create an Excel vertical table in an hidden template worksheet and then use that data to create a pivot table in a visible worksheet as the on in your image. What I understood is that your pivot has a field in the columns and one in the rows.

If my suggestion did not resolve please post more screenshots with details.

Best Regards,



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