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Nprinting suppress Zeros

Hi -

Current setup: I've got a Qlik dash with one table. The table has suppress zeros on the table (table > data handling > include zero values is unticked) - this works perfect and is exactly what i need.

The problem: In Nprinting i'm using individual fields to create a table, mainly because the formatting of the excel file is quite unique. Its setup however in the same table/rows format.  The problem is it includes all the zero lines, i.e. the rows that include either 0 or -.  

I've read if you insert a 'table' in nprinting it will work as per the qlik dash, however as mentioned i can't, im currently using fields. Does anyone know a solution for this at all?


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Hi, the bit i dont understand is why cant you put your Qlik Sense table into a level? This is exactly what everyone will suggest to you as a solution.

Whatever you do with individual fields in NPrinting can still be done. 

I am assuming you missunderstood what you have read: I've read if you insert a 'table' in nprinting it will work as per the qlik dash... This means that you can put your table in NPrinting level to prevent it from looping through dimension values where all measures in the table return 0 (which is exactly what you want) and you can still use individual fields in your template same as you are doing it now! Just try and and instead of using field level, add your table as a level.

hope it makes sense.. 

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