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Nprinting v17 not able to send email

Hello Team,

I am not able to send the email.

I have open all the port which are listed under Nprintng installation guide.

But 587 port for SMTP , I have added this one in outbound as well as in inbound rules .

But I am still not able to access 587 port. I think this is the issue.

As telnet smtp.gmail.com 587 showing failed message.

Nprinting log file message is:

17-04-19 02:06:04,466 [49] INFO Qlik.NPrinting.Scheduler.Service.ContentRequestDispatcher - Notifying load balancer of content request

Please tell me how to sort out this problem or there is some other problem ??



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Re: Nprinting v17 not able to send email

Hi Nerender,

if your telnet fails it means that the port is not seen as open from within your environment. You should fix that before configuring NPrinting.

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Re: Nprinting v17 not able to send email

Hi Perin,

I asked the same with network admin. He checked and found the 587 failed to connect.

But he did not block it. port 465 is working in telnet command. So i set up 465 port with smtp.gmail.com but no success.

If you Know how to open port 587 then please let me know.


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