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Nprinting version 16- Dynamic Recipient list

Hi All,

Can any one give suggestion on how to give the recipient list dynamically based on the result generated by cyclic group field value?


Thanks in advance




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What do you call "Cycle group" - do you refer to a "Cyclic group" UI feature in QlikView or do you mean NPrinting Cycle functionality which allows reports to be generated for each value of the field used in cycle. 

Also please provide little bit more description of what you are trying to achieve - I f I am not mistaken you are trying to use Cycle functionality in NPrinting report setting to generate report for each value in particular field and you want also to send those reports to dynamic users created based on variable which is associated with value from cycle.

If my assumption is true - I dont think you will be able to achieve it this way. 

Typical way is to create recipient filters and use this functionality to link it with recipient. 

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