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Npriting chart image error

I'm using Nprinting of November 2018.

I try to do a report of a pie chart in Excel Nprinting.

The pie chart has already been created in my Qlik Sense App.

When I drag and drop the image of the pie chart like this:


and I launch Preview I get this error:



Did I misunderstood something or is that a bug of Nprinting?



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Re: Npriting chart image error


I suggest you to upgrade to latest version June 2019 that solves the following bug:

CEF rendering exception with Qlik Sense connections using HTTP
Qlik NPrinting failed to generate charts from Qlik Sense September 2018 or higher connections that used HTTP protocol, instead of HTTPS.
The error message was: “Object DBbpbc of Sense app 7d789264-16f6-41b5-8dce-7670e779345f failed to render. ERROR: CEF rendering exception. GRPC rendering request failed”.
In older versions the workaround was to edit the engine.config file on all the Qlik NPrinting Engines by adding the line <add key="webrenderer-mashup-qs" value="wssecure=1" />. Afterwards, you had to restart the Qlik NPrinting Engine Windows Service.

that seems the one you are experiencing.

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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