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Page function in Nprinting


I'm working in a Project and i need to do two consecutive slides (in PPT) for each flied with the function page. I give an example:

I have a field that i called Countries. Now i want to do a PPT report and i want to destinate 2 consecutive slides for each country, but this 2 slides must have the same format for the other countries. If i apply the function page for each slide i have the first slide repeated for all the countries i and then the other slide repeated:

1. SPAIN(1)


3. ITALY (1)

4. SPAIN (2)


6. ITALY (2)

I need to have the two slides consecutive. Like this:

1. SPAIN (1)

2. SPAIN (2)



5. ITALY (1)

6. ITALY(2)

Can anybody help me?

thank you!

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Re: Page function in Nprinting

when you stand on the field you use for paging

you can define which slides you want to page

you can define several slides for one page

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Re: Page function in Nprinting

Yes, I try but it doesn't do anything. In which Nprinting are you working? I have the 2016 versión.

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Re: Page function in Nprinting

Do you mean N-Printing 16.X,

In paging , Add field you want to loop and when you are on the field go to the slide you want to start looping and enter slide numbers 1-2 in no of slides. Save and check preview.

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Re: Page function in Nprinting

Now it works

Thank you !!!!!

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