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Pages with Conditional ?


It's possible create a NPrinting Report using combination of Pages with Conditional ?

I Would like to create a Report with only departments reach 70% of budget. Without any change in QVW.

Today 3 of 10 departments reached 70% of budget, NPrinting will create the Report with 3 pages.

Tomorrow 4 of 10 departments reached 70% of budget, NPrinting will create the Report with 4 pages.

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This is what I would suggest:

  1. Create a bookmark which will select for the condition you want (e.g.; filter departments to show only those who reached 70% of budget).
  2. Create an NPrinting filter based on that bookmark
  3. Create your report and in the report use the "Page" or "Level" feature to build a worksheet/section/page/slide for every value of the "Department" dimension
  4. Add the bookmark based filter to the report.

When you run the report, it will only show the worksheets/sections/pages/slides for the appropriate Departments.

Hope this is clear.




Thank You Aran.

But in this Report exist others worksheets, example Worksheet Consolidated. Information of All departments.

If I use bookmark, the Worksheet Consolidate will show only departments reached 70% of budget.

I understand the Conditional has only one function, create or not create the report.

So I think, in this case, it's not possible to create this report.

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You can't apply a selection to one part of a report and not to another.

You can have chart specific filters but that will not solve your use case.

The only way to do what you want to do is use my technique and then apply a "blocking" chart specific filter for the "departments" dimension to all of the other charts in the report:

How to Apply a Specific Filter to Tables or Images


Hi Guilherme,

I assume you want the following in your use case:

* No QVW changes to be made - including bookmarks
* Show All Departments on your CONSOLIDATED sheet
* Separate sheets (Pages) only for those Departments that exceed your budget %

For example, Dept. B did not achieve 70% of the budget. It should still appear On the CONSOLIDATED sheet but no page should be created for it.

I have achieved this by implementing the following:

1. On the Report level I use the Field filter Sales =Sales > (vBudgetAmount*vBudgetPercent/100)
2. On the object on sheet 1 (CONSOLIDATED) I apply a filter that clears selections for fields Sales & Dept
3. I Page on field Dept on sheet 2

I have attached the project. Please extract to folder C:\Temp\Community\015 or you will need to change the paths in the NSQ.

Note that you can also create filters to report for different budget amounts and budget percentages without making changes to the QVW. I have included a filter to set vBudgetPercentage to 30 as an example.

HTH - Daniel.