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Percentage not rounding up in NPrinting 16 HTML Report

Hi Guys,

I am using following expression and one dimension in a straight table

=Num(Count(Distinct{$<OrderStatusId={2}>}@OrderCaseId) / Count(Distinct{$<OrderStatusId={2,3}>}@OrderCaseId),'0%')

In Qlikview Table Looks as expected without an decimal. But When I use this table in HTML report then the value shows in decimal.

So an Example.. in QlikView it shows like this

CustomerPercentage of Orders On Hold
Customer A27%
Customer B8%

But NPrinting 16 HTML Report represent the table as below

CustomerPercentage of Orders On Hold
Customer A0.268598277
Customer B0.084377447

The Table is ticked for keeping the source format but I don't know whats wrong.

Can anyone please advice              

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