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Persist row to next page

This is a continuation of a previous question I had found here: Persist column headers to multiple pages in Pixel Perfect

I am developing a Pixel Perfect report in NPrinting 17.3.1 for Qlik Sense and have a question about next page continuation. I am trying to create a custom pivot table of sorts in the below screenshots. I have my column headers in a group header (in blue), set to every page. Below that I have the Show Tour Code in my Detail Section and the data itself in the Detail Report below it. In the question I posted above, I got my answer on how to make my group header persist to every page. Now I need the Detail Section to repeat itself on the next page if the Detail Report runs onto the next page. For the example in the screenshot, the cities under the MUL-02 show tour code go to a new page. I need the grey bar (MUL-02) to persist to the new page in between the group header and the data rows.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Detail Question 1.PNG

Detail Question 2.PNG

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Hi George,

It's difficult to figure out your nested levels. In short, if you want something to repeat on every page you must put it in a header band and it's Repeat Every Page Task should be enabled. You can add a group header band for Detail2 for instance and place your field there - but I have no idea where your field [Show Code Tour] is placed in the level hierarchy.

If you post a qvf/qvw with sample data and a mockup of what you want I'm sure someone will take a look.

HTH - Daniel.