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Pixel Perfect: can't find definition on the difference between auto-bands, groups, pages and reports

Hello NPrinting Pros,

I am relatively new to Pixel Perfect template design, loving its capabilities, have had some successes with it but arrived here pretty much through lots of trial and error.  Although there is plenty of good NPrinting training material here, I did not find any structured material on Pixel Perfect, barring few videos and examples. I was surprised that the NPrinting Certification Training Course PDF did not have a single chapter on Pixel Perfect.  If you can point me to any good resources, I'll be much obliged.

Well, I want to get back to the basics and ask perhaps, at the risk of sounding naiive, for definitions and the proper practical uses/applications for the insertion of the following:

- Report

- Page

- Group

- Detail

- Unbounded

- Bounded

- Add Subband

Thank you SO much in advance!


PS:  Using v16 SR4

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Creator III
Creator III


Please refer the below document,

Creation of PixelPerfect Report

This will give some information on how to create a pixel perfect report.

Hope this helps!