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Priority of filters

I have one variable on which I am creating multiple filters and I am giving different values for the variable and applying it at different level.

Suppose the variable is vVarSlice - and I have created multiple filter on this variable with different value.

like vVarSlice = team , vVarSlice = Product ,vVarSlice =Cycle

Now I have applied the filter  vVarSlice = Product to one of the objects ( Obj. ID CH01)   . and then I have applied  vVarSlice =Cycle at task level as it is required for the other objects on my report ( say CH02 , CH03 ). I have to apply vVarSlice =Cycle at task level because  for CH02 I have already used another filter ( at object level I cant apply multiple filters )

Will the object CH01 give correct result.

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Re: Priority of filters

I'm not sure what you exeactly want. But import is the filter sequence:

The filter application sequence is (from lowest priority to highest priority): Task - Recipient - Cycle - Report - Level/Page - Object.

This will be important for your filters.

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Re: Priority of filters

I have used filter vVarSlice = Product to one object in report . then I have used vVarSlice = Cycle at task level for the same report . How NPrinting will evaluate this .

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