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Problem with field selections

Hi all, 

I recently took over an Nprinting setup and had to change the data source. I have one small problem that has stopped everything completely.

Some of the fields are used as levels in NPrinting so they have to loop a certain way. The first field selected is the far left 'Event_Team..'

Selecting this activates a trigger Select in Field. search string ='Goalkeeper' to select Goalkeeper in the Position field.

The Event_PosSort field has a trigger that clears Position when selected. Then the two fields with Event_Actor1 in the names next to it are selected.

In the original version, when these three fields on the right are cleared, the second field "PosIsGoal...' is changed to 0 and locked. I found that the Event_PosSort field is the one that causes that second field to select and lock.

My problem is that in my version (where the fields are all identical) when PosSort1 is cleared, the Position field is selected again and can't be cleared when clicked on. This causes every page on the report to be just the Goalkeeper.



I've spent all day trying to find out why this happens and even moved the inline table, that links Event_PosSort and position to the Position of the main table, to a different table to emulate the original. There are no triggers , alternate states, expressions, variables that are making this happen. I deselect Event_PosSort or Event_Actor1 and it reselects Goalkeeper.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

You said, "The Event_PosSort field has a trigger that clears Position when selected".  In the NPrinting Support Documents , it warns against having triggers:

Note: Alternate states, sheet & document triggers, 'Always one selected' list and multi-box properties are the most commonly found causes for connection issues and reporting problems and any other unexpected results.


Did the original source have triggers or just the new source?


The original has the triggers.  It has been used for years to produce thousands of reports. I should have mentioned the NPrinting version which is 16.7.

I didn't add or remove or change anything and the field values are pretty much identical in the new version, but the data model is of course different. I would like to try an alternative but I am under time pressure to get it working.  I have no idea how deselecting one of the two fields mentioned automatically selected and locks PosIsGoal..


There is no always one selected involved either.


Triggers in NPrinting are not supported - full stop!

The reasons behind not supporting them are exactly ones you are experiencing which is: they sometimes work and sometimes they dont work. Excuse that something not supported worked in the past is just proving that whoever chose this option was "lucky" and that luck just finished.

My advice is to remove triggers, change logic in your model so it can use native NPrinting capabilities by using filters and cycles. There is no point trying to argue on something what we know cannot be used as reliable solution.


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