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Qlik NPrinting Filters

Hi to everyone!

I am struggling to understand how to use filters in Qlik NPrinting,

in particular Advanced Research and Evaluate Value.

For example if I want a range of period for a string field, let's say : YearMonth,

I tried to write these expressions  using Advanced Research:




=Num#(left(YearMonth,4))<=2017 and Num#(left(YearMonth,4))>=2012

But them didn't work.

Could you someone help me, for that specific question and give me general advices to use  Advanced Research and Evaluate Value. 

I already read the official manual, and saw some videos tutorial.

Thanks a lot!

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I would begin by testing those expressions inside your Qlik sense app. Do they render the expected results?

Please also check these steps to ensure any syntax used is accurate.

Searching & Selecting Data (qlik.com) (You may need to log in to Qlik to access this informational training


Here is a video (in case you missed it) that describes the advanced search usage within NPrinting.

Also consider this:


Kind regards...

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Contributor III
Contributor III

@Shi   The video on advanced search that @Frank_S  suggested is excellent.   His suggestion to try the search in your qlik sense app is spot on also.  Here is an example that I ran into myself.  The Beginner's Tutorial app has filters on the Dashboard page for field Year, Quarter, Month etc.  The field in the app is Date.  So I thought in NPrinting I could create a filter looking for specific years.   That app was using autocalendar and when I selected a year in the qlik sense app you could see in the field name in the selections at the top Date.autoCalendar.Year.


If I entered < 2013 in the search bar for the Year filter I did not see any results show up but when I entered

< 01/01/2013 then the year 2012 would appear.   


So when I wanted to create a search filter expression in NPrinting - I first tried it out in the search bar on my qlik sense app.

In NPrinting, I wanted to get the year 2013 only so I entered this expression for the advanced search filter

>12/31/2012<1/1/2014 and it worked.


Another tip is to look in your data model to see how your field is defined - is it numeric, text etc


Hope this helps.