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Qlik NPrinting Nov 2017 - Issues with excel filters and Icons


I have a report from NPrinting created in excel with 2 issues. Hope somebody can help

1) In the output I get excel filters (small arrows) in line nr 1. I can see in the excel output that the filters is on and off course it should show filters. The problem is that in the template filters is not on. So how do I remove this?

2) In the output I also only see the red arrow until line nr 4. I have made the formula (conditional formatting) until line 11. So why does it stop here?

See attached files for screenshots of the problems

Thanks in advance

Brg Bjarne

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Re: Qlik NPrinting Nov 2017 - Issues with excel filters and Icons

Hi Bjarne

1 issue

Your screenshot called Template.png does not show anything meaningful now...

You need to provide us a screenshot of a page where the NPrinting tags are used so we can see if they are applied on those particular cells. It is likely that you provided us a screenshot of different sheet.

2 issue.

looks like you are stitching this report from 2 tables given taht on the 4th row you have TOTALS? Maybe show us how this is actually built in NPrinitng?

also maybe check those topics as there are many different reasons for what you are experiencing:

Conditional Formatting in Excel Template

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