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Qlik NPrinting PowerPoint Lock Aspect ratio


I am generating an image through Qlik NPrinting PowerPoint, and I am having an issue keeping the lock aspect ratio selection through the generation process.

I have a rather large image and I need to shrink the width to 10in after it generates the complete image. 10in is the width of a PPT slide. I select "keep aspect ratio" in the template. The problem is that it does not retain this selection through generation. When I resize after the PPT generates, the image crams because the aspect ratio is not locked.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Qlik NPrinting PowerPoint Lock Aspect ratio


This is a separate issue from the one we were troubleshooting earlier today (12/11)

Do you have any thoughts on this? For some reason when I select the Keep Aspect Ratio in the format image area of the PPT, it does not save through to generation.


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Re: Qlik NPrinting PowerPoint Lock Aspect ratio

Hi Russel,

In terms of images used in reports i will be no help - I stay away from them as much as poossible, i hate using them and i find them difficult to use in wise manner . I use them only as a last chance object and only if i have no other choice.... and then i am making sure they coming from Qlik in size which will fit my needs so i do not have to use any of the resizing options. sorry



cheers Lech
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Re: Qlik NPrinting PowerPoint Lock Aspect ratio

Thanks Lech,

Yes we have had problems with them too with the pixilation. I appreciate your response.

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