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Qlik NPrinting PowerPoint Template


I have a couple PowerPoint Template questions relating to Qlik Nprinting and Qlik Sense


I have built up a native PowerPoint bar chart in NPrinting by adding tables and inserting the nodes into the "edit data" feature of the PowerPoint bar chart. The data is generated in the excel and I get my chart.

I am attempting to increase the size of the bars, so when they generate, they are thicker in appearance.

The only way I can seem to do this is to right click the bar after it generates and enter into the edit series options. How can I do this in the template before the data is generated, so I do no need to alter the report every time I generate it?


Is there anyway to customize the colors of the bars in my bar chart based on what dimension filters? The bar chart shows revenue by product lines but the product lines come from different business segments. I would like to color code by segment. How can this be done in NPrinting since there is no colors & legend drop down and an expression box like in Qlik Sense?

Thanks so much everyone!!!

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