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Qlik Sense Qliknprinting on-demand extension- report downloads

Hi all,

After much trouble-shooting, we were able to get the on-demand extension (available on the qlik branch) working for qlik nprinting in our qlik sense instance.  It was pretty nifty for a day or so- then something changed so that when any user clicks a button in the qlik sense report to download, it now loads (as it did before), but does not show a download arrow button to then download the generated report (SEE SCREENSHOT IN ATTACHMENT).

The only things I'm able to narrow down that changed are:

1. Gave the user role more permissions (to make sure my new users could actually download the file without having developer access)

2. Added about 15 additional user accounts with the updated user role

I can't find record of the original user role permissions to reset the user role too, and I've disabled (though not deleted) the new user accounts in case to try to revert back to the 5-6 user accounts I had created originally that were working.  I have all the roles (admin, user, developer, newstand user), yet am facing the same download issue as my other users.

What am I missing here?  Suggestions on what to try next?


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