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QlikSense Nprinting Report objects are not visible

Hi Qlik Experts,

I am creating Nprinting reports for Qliksense and I am facing 2 issues.

Issue 1:-

Under a single connection I am having 8 QlikSense reports.out of which 1 report is not visible in the "add objects" of table section.


In attached image under name section report name is not visible because of this all its objects are not there.so we are unable to create its Nprinting reports.

Issue 2:-

Out of 30 objects in another report I am able to see only 5 objects.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: QlikSense Nprinting Report objects are not visible

alll apps are published in server ?

and did you mapped same app id's?  check once for particular app which is not visible


Re: QlikSense Nprinting Report objects are not visible

What do you define as a QlikSense report? qlik sense object? If so - what is an object?

maybe it is 3rd party extension which is not meeting all required criteria (details on help.qlik.com) ?

2nd issue - are all objects in base sheets, did you reload metadata after each change in Qlik Sense App?



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