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QlikView and Qlik NPrinting in different servers

I have installed QlikView in a VM Windows Server 2012, and QlikView NPrinting in another VM also windows server 2012

how would they comunicate??

Is there any guide to creat a connection between those servers or what should i do ?


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Re: QlikView and Qlik NPrinting in different servers

Yes - there is comprehensive documentation in the Qlik Help site under installation for Qlik NPrinting:


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Re: QlikView and Qlik NPrinting in different servers

Like Peter said - follow the instructions from Help document.

BTW - there is many requirements you have to meet when preparing your NPrinting environment - make sure you read it too as it may affect whether you will be able to create connection or not. Those requirements are around users, accounts, ports, priviliges, # of CPU cores, RAM etc... Setting it up properly at the very beginning will save a lot of time later..

So take some time and go step by step through help document section paln and deploy NPrinting



cheers Lech
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