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Qlikview Extension in NPrinting

Hi @ll,

I am currently creating a pixelperfect report in NPrinting 17 (September Release) connected to a QlikView application (12.1 SR8). For the internal objects everything seems to be fine besides pivot tables but now I want to include an object from a third party extension as an image into my NPrinting report.

Within the NPrinting preview I always get the message that the type of object is unknown (same than in QlikView without activating WebView). Is there any setting needs to be defined or is it not possible in pixelperfect report or not possible in general?

Any ideas?

From the release notes of the latest NPrinting release I remember something that it should work but not sure wether only ment for Qlik Sense or both reporting tools.

Thank you in advance for you assistance.



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Re: Qlikview Extension in NPrinting

QlikView extensions are not supported at all!!!

Only some extensions are supported from Qlik Sense - see help document for more details.




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Re: Qlikview Extension in NPrinting

Hi Simon - do you have any other questions? Do you need more detail regarding this topic?




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