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Creator III
Creator III

Qlikview Nprinting tasks and reports filtering wrong date

Hi Guys.

My Nprinting Reports scheduled reports not running.

I Have manually ran the reports. but the data is using the wrong date. It should be filtered to yesterday *today -1), so would be for the 19th, but the reports are showing data for the 18th.

The filter seems to have picked up the wrong date. The subject lines and filenames all show as the 18th. The timestamps in the log from when we ran these manually shows correctly as the today, the 20th.

The extract on QlikView ran on schedule, so it should have the correct data, but as I say, it seems the filter is picking the wrong data.

Nprinting version 16.7.0

QV Version 12.2

Any assistance would be great.



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Re: Qlikview Nprinting tasks and reports filtering wrong date

Hi Aaron,

I do not know how we can help you with this. We do not see your QlikVIew application and values available in listbox (field) you are trying to filter using NPrinting.

It is quite straight forward task and it is not a rocket science so clearly somewhere you have logical mistake. To help you solve this could you please

Proviede screenshots of:

  • values available under the field you are trying to filter in QlikView
  • datatypes for this field (from tableviewer when hover over)
  • your filter in NPrinintg with syntax so we can validate it
  • system date on your NPrinitng server and on your Qlik Server
  • are there any other filters which can overwrite the date filter?

Keep in mind that Today() function is dependent on the date from the system.



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