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Questions about distribution in Nprinting


I have a question  that how to realize the function about distribution .For exsample.There are two sheets in the excel.The sheet1 as follow


The sheet2 as follow


I want to know that whether I can put the information of sheet1 about the city of BeiJing sendmail to lucy.That is put the information of some city of sheet1 sendmail to the according person of sheet2

Thanks for advance!

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Re: Questions about distribution in Nprinting

Hi there,

This is possible as long as the city field is within your data. You'd create your recipients based on sheet 2 and then use the city field as a recipient filter - this would then only send the data for Beijing to Lucy.

Is the "sheet 1" info within your data model?


Re: Questions about distribution in Nprinting

To add to what Aaron said, you will need to set up a filter for your recipients with the values of the city field for which they should see data. To learn more about assigning filters to recipients, see the following document: How to Add Filters to Recipients – Customer Feedback for Vizubi

Additionally, the information that you have on sheet2 can be used as the starting point of a recipient import into NPrinting. This is a task that can be set up and scheduled as any other task inside NPrinting, and allows you to automate the process of bringing in recipient along with distribution information (email, folder) and recipient filters, among others. For more detail on that process, see the following: How to Create and Import Recipients with Filters and Distribution Groups – Customer Feedback for Viz...

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