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Recovering Qsense Functions in Nprinting


In one of my Qsense graphs, I put a function to display only the last 12 months.

When I show my Nprinting preview of this graph, it takes me back the data from the beginning.

Could you tell me why?

I thank you in advance.

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Re: Recovering Qsense Functions in Nprinting

Try to apply Year or Month filter in NPrinting, Hope that works.

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Re: Recovering Qsense Functions in Nprinting

To answer this question we need to know little bit more.. How do you achieve in QlikSense last 12 months selection or (function)?

  • Is it selection from Quick Calendar?
  • Is it conditional Dimension?
  • Is it Measure with SetAnalysis?
  • Is it Measure with IF statement... etc...

Could you please post way you have achieved this in Qlik Sense so we can look for right soultion, otherwise it is difficult to say..



cheers Lech
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