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Refresh table in pixel perfect


I did a Pixel Perfect report, and now I want to add more info to the report. The data is located in a table, but as in excel report, you can update or refresh the table and the new fields appears, but in pixel perfect is not possible to do.

If I delete and load again, the charts loses the link , anyone knows how to update the table without losing chart links ?

Many thank's


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Re: Refresh table in pixel perfect

You can change the data bindings in the detailed report to point to the new object. However this becomes complicated particularly when using nested levels as the path is not necessarily updated correctly. ie: updating the data binding does not necessarily account for being contained within a nested level.

The only choice in many cases is to recreate the levels and re-drag the cells into the PixelPerfect report to ensure that the data binding path is correct so that it produces the correct output.

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