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Reloading metadata for connection

Dear Nprinting Experts,


I had Installed Latest version of Nprinting Server 17.2.3.

The issue that I face here while creating connection is , My Connection could not fetch metadata for Qlikview application stored locally on my machine.

I had attached the image to show the exact issue.

I had even attached NPrinting Logs to this mail.

My Qlik and NPrinting accounts are different with admin privileges.

Secondly my NPrinting Engine While restarting services it gives me below error every time. Image Attached.

Unfortunately I have to restart my machine every time to make this service up and running again.


My firewall is stopped.

Any help from anyone on this would be appreciated.



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Hi Ashfaq,

Your logs have several errors. I would first resolve this one from the NPrinting engine log:

On your NPrinting engine machine, you should either apply a local QlikView Desktop license or make sure your NPrinting service account has a valid QlikView User CAL. You can use a leased license but it is not recommended as the lease could run out and stop NPrinting from generating reports

  • Log in as user .\Nprinting
  • Open QlikView Desktop
  • Make sure it is licensed (should not be Personal Edition)

When restarting services, quite often you might have to end the relevant tasks. I have not yet had to actually restart the server.

HTH - Daniel.


Thanks Daniel,

This is quite strange.

I was Leasing License for  user Nprinting.

Later upon your suggestion I logged in to machine with .\Nprinting user Lease License from server on this profile and it worked. Now I'm able to load metadata.

One thing I had notice here is it is taking long time to load metadata, probably 10 Min for 200 MB File.

Are there any limitation that Qlik Nprinting can load only few objects?

Moving further few of my reports taking time to generate.

I'm generation report for few sales persons and this report contains approx 100 pages per salesman. I have around 2000 sales person.

To generate this report its taking somewhere around 1 hour per Sales person.

Is there any restrictions we have while printing pixel perfect reports?





Any update on this?