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Report Security

Hi Qlikies,

while working on Nprinting on-demand button i came across below Scenario please let me know your inputs.

1. can we hide the 'New Report' button from the end user. Meaning they should see only 'Quick report' option.
2. Is there a way to give user level security to the reports.Meaning I have totally 8 reports. but all the users whoever having access to On-Demand button seeing all 8 reports in 'New Report' option. I need to restrict that. Instead of 8 report whatever the reports that has been assigned to user, only that report they have to see.

Any helpful insights would help.



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Point 1: Not possible to modify the On Demand report interface to limit any of the visible buttons. This is by design.

Point 2: You may attempt to leverage a Qlik Sense 'Container' and use conditional logic to determine under what conditions to allow the  the object to appear.  It is possible to add one or more On Demand report objects to a single container (see image below where two on demand objects have been added to a single container object)

There is no current granularity to NPrinting Global Security roles to limit the views of which On Demand reports you wish to be visible by user.

If the user has access to the Qlik Sense app, then they have access to all objects within the app by default.


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