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Report failed generation of report - how identify which recipient is affected?


I have a report which is sent out to over 400 users. The users are imported via 'Import task' and the only filter used is on user level. 

I receive a warning in Task Execution that one report failed generation of report de to the filter applied to user and report xxxxxx defined an empty set. Please see attached image below. The user is named 'ac059acf-4bab-af6....' and so on... 

Is there a way for me to identify this user or how do I know which one of my 400 reports are failing?!

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards


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I think the simplest way is by opening a user in your browser, you will see the user id in the URL. Then you can copy the user id from the error message and paste it on the URL and press enter. The related user profile will be opened.

Another ides is to use the API get /users/{id} https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/September2020/APIs/NP+API/index.html?page=58 you will call it with the id and you will get a json with related details.

For filters use the same methods.

The ids are stored in the Repository but you don't need to connect directly to the repository to retrieve those informations.

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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