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Reporting setting - make label in centre

Hi there,

I used a pivot table report from app in my nprinting report ,

Is there any possiblity to make the label at centre. like below reproreq.PNG


Even though in my pivot table report in app , I used label as centre and its showing correct in app but not reflecting correct in nprinting reports :


Qlikview app working correctly ;



I used the nprinting properties : (keep source format) as there are many measures and doing total is challenge thus not preferring manual creation of header 


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I am afraid this is limitation and i am 99% sure cannot be done at the moment.

In my projects I never rely on keep source format as it is not fully documented nor reliable between Qlik Sense and QlikView.

Workaround as you said would be to create headers manually... I usually do that anyway from the beginning of each project just to avoid any frustrations later....

good luck

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