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Reverting to decimal point in nPrinting

I have an app that has the following formula

if( count(SLA_IN_Number) > 0,
num(count(SLA_IN_Number)/ COUNT(SLA_IN_Violation),'#.##%'))

This appears then as #

All is great until I bring this 93.42% into nPrinting and it appears then as

I've no idea. I've tried changing the number from expression default to 2 decimal places and ticked the percentage box and that didn't work either.

Any ideas why this wont change?

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Re: Reverting to decimal point in nPrinting

Strange !!

have you checked the keep source formatting in Template editor ??

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Re: Reverting to decimal point in nPrinting

I haven't changed anything in the editor.

Just bringing the data in and making no changes or conversions.

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Re: Reverting to decimal point in nPrinting

Hi David,

On your chart in your QlikView document, if you Send to Excel what do you get? You can expect the same by default in your NPrinting report.

What happens if you un-check Keep Source Formats for that field and specify the Format manually? Remember to hit Enter after you type in the format.

If you can't get it to work post a simple QVW and someone will take a look.

HTH - Daniel.

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