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Scheduling an Nprinting Report

1. Can we schedule to generate a report on 26th of every quarter end and unless 26th is a weekend. If it is a weekend then generate the report on the following business day.

2. If we do not have data updated in the DB tables then the Nprinting report has to re run hourly for every 5 hours and stop. Can these be done in Nprinting?

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The easiest to achieve this would be to write this logic in Qlik Sense script.

In Qlik Sense script create a variable. If the condition is true (condition beeing all your requirements regarding quarter, weekday etc...) assign value 1 else 0.

In NPrinting schedule this task to run every day but with condition that your variable is equal to 1. This will ensure that report is only sent/generated on the day when variable condition is met.


The second scenario (one I would use) would be with the API triggered call from Qlik script after condition is met:




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