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Selections not flowing through to NPrinting

I have a dashboard where the user is forced to select one client. They can then run the On-Demand Nprinting report for that client.

At first, the reports weren't generating at all. It was just hanging. Then I saved the QVW with a client selected, published it, and the report generated for the client. However, no matter what client I change my filter to, it still always generates the report for the original client that was selected when I published it.

I set up a test report with one formula: Count(Distinct [Client Name]), and nothing else. I saved/published the dashboard with no selections, and ran that report. It returned a value of approximately 30,000. I then selected ONE client, and ran it again. It still returned the 30,000. Now I know why it was hanging initially - it was trying to generate reports for all 30,000 clients!

Any ideas on why the selections wouldn't flow through to NPrinting? I can't figure this out!

We have NPrinting 16.3

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Re: Selections not flowing through to NPrinting


Strange behaviour, I would suggest you install the most recent version which is NPrinting 16.5. Perhaps you also need to refresh your On Demand files when you've installed the latest version.

Gr, Gerald

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Re: Selections not flowing through to NPrinting

I ended up having to re-create the dashboard, and then it worked fine. This week, it started doing the same thing again - the selections won't flow through from the Dashboard to NPrinting.

We upgraded to NPrinting 16.6 and QlikView 11.2 SR 16 since the original post.

Has anyone else encountered this before? Did you find a solution?

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