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Creator II

Servers for Qlikview 12 and Nprinting


Once again I thank you for your help, it has been very valuable to solve installation issues with the Qlikview and Nprinting applications and now the company is trying to correct and separate the environments of Nprinting and Qlikview.

I try to buy servers for each of the applications and they are asking me for additional information that they have given me, recommendations from experts in this area.

Can you recommend features that I could consider having the server for Qlikview and for Nprinting according to what we have developed? The purpose is to support what we have and support 3 more applications and that can give us stability for 3 more years.


Currently we have the following applications:

170 MB Sales -------- Developed

84 Mb Inventories ----- Developed

68 MB Accesses ----- Developed

100 MB Finance ---- Developed

98 MB audit ---- Developed

90 MB Commissions ---- To be developed

100 MB RH ---- To develop

89 MB Technical Support --- For Development


-Developed 20 reports

-by day we send 80 reports to users.

You want to have a server for qlikview and one for Nprinting and that are production.

Proposal for Qlikview Production Server

3 processors (octacore, 3.6 GHZ)

512 GB RAM

4 TB hard disk space for storage / 300 GB space for OS.

Proposal for Nprinting Production Server

2 Processors (octacore,, 3.6 GHZ)

256 Gb RAM

4 TB hard disk space for storage / 300 GB space for OS.

This server for qlikview development

Qlikview Development Server

1 processor

128 GB RAM

1TB Hard Disk Space for storage

The idea is to have 3 more years of stability.

This is the server where the two environments that we want to separate

Processor: Intel Xeon E5 -2603 @ 1.60 gHz (1 Physical processor)

RAM: 64 Gb

Storage: 4 TB Hard disk space for storage / 300 GB Space for OS.

Could you tell us if it is correct what you are trying to ask if it is not so they could give us suggestions ??? please

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i have copied this from the other topic where you placed the same question:

Hi Eldred.

To be honest with you i would never dare to spec something out without looking at the bigger picture (how, what, where needs to work, how many expressions, how data model looks like, how many users, are there dedicated apps supporting only nprinitng reports as per my suggestion here  QVW size limitations with NPrinting 17 etc..etc.. etc.. etc...)

I will NOT give you specification without knowing all facts and those you usually learn by looking at environment on site or at least via conf. call.

If you would ask me to come on site to decide, I would run Rob's Document Analyzer through each of your application and some other monitoring tools to see how your apps respond in order to give you right information (size of apps, response times, calc times etc).

It would take me day or maybe 2 days to take into account all factors.

Now few important comments/questions regarding your specification:

  • Why for NPrinitng are you trying to allocate 16 cpu cores - it is very possible it will decrease performance!!! I have sent you link to performance guidelines before, didn't i?
  • Why for NPrinitng  are you allocating 256 GB of ram? In my opinion this is way too much. (look at specs on help.qlik.com). Keep in mind that all computing power should be allocated to QlikView server not NPrinting server, NPrinting is just a "macro runner" which triggers and sends reports - so to speak.
  • Look at help document and NPrinting release notes - see where NPrinintg can be installed (seems like on C drive only, why would you need 4 TB of storage on this server - what would you store there).
    • Qlik NPrinting must be installed only on C: drives Jira issue ID: OP-6196 Qlik NPrinting Server, Engine, Designer, and On-Demand plugin can only be installed on C: drives. Any attempt to install them on a different drive will result in task failures.
    • You can ignore my above comment if you are planning to use storage drive as a FileShare for physical report files - distribution to folders. (note that it is not where NewsStand will store reports though)

To summerize - make sure that your QlikView is as fast as possible. For NPrinting my suggestion is to always build dedicated qlikview apps with smaller number of records, smaller number of objects etc. This allows you to master you app supporting nprinitng reports to a level where:

  • all objects are minimized
  • all objects are calculated only when they need to be calculated (maybe you can create multiple sheets for multiple objects
    • For example Report with detailed chart and table: If you have a report where you loop through dimension and produce chart and at the end of it you have summary table, then you want to have this chart on single QlikView sheet so that the looping does not require table to be calculated and your table can be then placed on different sheet or have calculation condition applied and be only calculated ones when required.
  • there is bunch of other things i would do to ensure it performs well - some of them are mentioned in the link i have provided above.
  • Do you build dedicated apps for NPrinting reports?Do you use QVP connections?

See and consider scalability by multi-engine deployment: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/June2018/Content/DeployingQVNprinting/Multi-engine-example.htm

My second last note is: Very often more CPU cores on QlikView server can help you with performance improvement. It is CPU which does object calculation and if you are not running out of RAM you don't need more as observed.

My last note - to be sure you got this right - get Qlik Partner or Qlik Consultant on site for this exercise, map all processes and then expect to get the right specs.

hope this helps a little, good luck



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